lundi 13 octobre 2014

Teasers from upcoming booklet

Hey guys, how are you doing?

Here is a little thing for you guys: 2 teasers from my upcoming booklet titled:

Hot guys from show you probably don't know

and as the title suggests it, it's gonna feature hot guys that you probably don't know or guys that appear in shows with high chance you don't know.

The 2 guys featured in that posts are: first François Arnaud from The Borgias and the second one is Adam Huss from Power. 

François Arnaud

Adam Huss

Enjoy!! Comments are <3

jeudi 4 septembre 2014

Go go Power Rangers: Andrew M. Gray

Here is a fake featuring the actor playing the hot red ranger in Power Rangers Megaforce:
Andrew M. Gray

Hope you'll like. Comments are greatly appreciated :)